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Adams, Robert • Burning Oil Sludge. Boulder County, Colorado
Alfonso X, King of Spain • Las Siete Partidas
Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence, after • The Vintage Festival
Aluminia Chargers, a Pair
Amyot, Jacques, trans. • Œuvres de Plutarque
Angelo, Valenti • The Philobiblion of Richard de Bury
Ansdell, Richard (with John Phillip), after • The Gardener's Daughter
Apocrypha (from the "Great He Bible" of 1611)
Apocrypha (from the "Great She Bible" of 1613/1611)
Asher, Richard • A Sense of Asher: a New Miscellany
l'Assemblée Nationale • Le Procès de Condamnation de Jeanne d'Arc
Astle, Thomas • The Origin and Progress of Writing

Béraldi, Henri • Bibliothèque d'un bibliophile
Béraldi, Henri • Mes estampes
Berners, Dame Juliana • The Boke of Saint Albans
Blanchard, Auguste • Alma-Tadema's Vintage Festival
Boccaccio, Giovanni • Rime di Messer Giovanni Boccacci
Boethius Deidonanus (Boece), Hector • Scotorum Historiae prima gentis origine
Bonaparte, Napoleon • Courier Extraordinaire envoyé par Buonaparte
Borrow, George Henry (translator) • Faustus: His Life, Death, and Descent into Hell
Brach, Pierre de • Oeuvres poetiques [Ouevres inedites...]
Braque, Georges • Le Piège de Méduse
Bronze Standing Bull
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett • The Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Buffon, Comte de • Histoire naturelle [Coster]
Buffon, Comte de • Histoires Naturelles. Textes Choisis. [Erni]
Bury, Richard de • The Philobiblion of Richard de Bury [Angelo]
Byzantine Institute • Mosaics of Haghia Sophia at Instanbul

Cazotte, Jacques • Le diable amoureux
Cellini, Benvenuto • The Treatises on Goldsmithing... [Essex House Press]
Ceroni, Luigi • Jean Petitot Enamels 1607-1691
Chaucer, Geoffrey • The Parlement of Foules [Rogers]
Chaucer, Geoffrey • The Romaunt of the Rose [Henderson & Wilkinson]
Chihuly, Dale • Cerulean Blue Macchia
Chinese Export Hawk Figurine
Chiswick Press • Landor's Pericles & Aspasia
Cibber, Colley • An Apology for the Life [Gibbings]
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor • Selected Poems of Coleridge
Conrad, Joseph • Nostromo
Conrad, Joseph • Ten Joseph Conrad "Firsts"
Cornell, Thomas, ill. • Frederick Douglass. A Selection from His Writings Compiled    by John Welwood
Coster, Germaine de • Buffon's Histoire naturelle
Crane, Stephen • Stephen Crane: Letters
Crane, Stephen • The Red Badge of Courage
Crane, Stephen • Nine Stephen Crane "Firsts"
Cunningham, Allan • Lord Roldan, A Romance

Dante Alighieri • The Divine Comedy [Phillips]
Detouche, Henry • Les Péchés Capitaux
Dodart, Dennis • Estampes pour server à l’histoire des plantes [Robert & Bosse]
Doré, Gustave • Milton's Paradise Lost
Douglass, Frederick [Welwood, John, ed.] • Frederick Douglass. A Selection from    His Writings Compiled by John Welwood
Dryden, John • Dryden: The Dramatic Works
Dubouchet, Henri-Joseph • Monument du Costume
Dufrene, Maurice • A Glazed Ceramic and Silver Coupe
Dürer, Albrecht • Pilate Washing His Hands
Durrell, Lawrence • Selected Poems
Dutch Pre-Rembrandtist Master • Christ and the Adulteress

Edwards, Bryan • The History, Civil and Commercial, of the British Colonies in the    West Indies
Eilshemius, Louis Michel • The Windmill
Emerson, Peter Henry • Rowing Home the School-Stuff
Erni, Hans • Buffon
Erni, Hans • Histoires Naturelles de Jules Renard
Essex House Press • The Treatises of Benvenuto Cellini
Evans, Frederick Henry • Organ Screen Figures (York Minster)

Fabre, Lucien; Valéry, Paul • Connaissance de la Déesse. Avant-propos de Paul   Valéry
Facius, Georg Sigmund and Johann Gottlieb after Tresham, Henry • Antony and   Cleopatra, Act III, Scene IX
Farkas, Adam • Standing nude model from back [verso: Outline of portrait bust] Fedoskino Lacquered Boxes - Group of Four • Fedoskino, Russia, 1987 - 1992
Flemish • Bronze Standing Bull
Franklin, Benjamin • La science du bonhomme Richard par Benjamin Franklin

Géricault, Théodore • Œnone refusant de secourir Pâris blessé
German, 17th century • Still Life with Flowers, on vellum
Gide, André • Œdipe. Drame en trois actes.
Glintenkamp, Henry J. • Male Nudes
Golden Cockerel Press • An Apology for the Life of Colley Cibber
Gorky, Arshile • The Artist's Wife "Mougouch"
Gossage, John R • 811 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. At Market Space, Looking West
Gray, Gustav le • Harbor Scene, Sète
Green, Valentine • Reynold's Lord Charles

Hall, John • West's William Penn's Treaty with the Indians
Henderson & Wilkinson • Chaucer's Romaunt of the Rose
Henle, Fritz • Group of 16 gelatin silver prints of photographs of scenes and groups     in the U.S. Virgin Islands, 1948-1953
Herausgegeben von der Mechitharisten-Congregation • Kaiser-Album
Herrick, Robert • The Poetical Works of Robert Herrick
Hervé, Francis • Madame Tussaud's Memories and Reminescences of France
Hollander, Gino • Three men wearing hats standing outside an archway
Hubbard, Elbert • The Book of Job; As Translated from the Original by Rabbi    Abraham Elzas; with some Comments on the Poem by Elbert Hubbard
Hunt, J[ames] H[enry] Leigh • The Old Court Suburb

Irving, Washington • Bracebridge Hall
Irving, Washington • Old Christmas: From the Sketchbook of Washington Irving

Jefferson, Thomas • Report of the Secretary of State, On the Subject of the Cod    and Whale Fisheries, in Gazette of the United States
Joachim, Christian • Aluminia Chargers, a Pair
Johns, C.H.W. • Ur-Engur. A Bronze from the Fourth Millennium

Kaiser-Album • Herausgegeben von der Mechitharisten-Congregation
Karp, Leon • Yellow Settee
Kashmir Shawl
Keynes, Geoffrey, Kt., and Davidson, Peter, eds. • A Watch of Nightingales
Krimmel, John Lewis, after • Procession of Victuallers of Philadelphia
Kuehne, Max • Lambertville Landscape
Kuehne, Max • San Lorenzo, Segovia

L'Abbé le Fils • Principes du Violon pour Apprendre le Doigté de Cet Instrument
Lambert, Noël Marcel • La fontaine du buffet d’eau, à Grand Trianon, Versailles
Landor, Walter Savage • Pericles & Aspasia
Leighton, Frederic, Lord, after • Hercules Wrestling with Death for the Body of   Alcestis
Leroy, Maurice • Cazotte's Le diable amoureux
Le Vacher de Charnois, Jean Charles • Recherches sur les costumes et sur les   theatres de toutes les nations
Lopez, Gregorio, comm. • Las Siete Partidas of Alfonso X

Marchand, Prosper • Histoire de l'origine et des prémiers progrès de l'imprimerie

Mardrus, Joseph-C., trans. • Le Livre de la Vérité de Parole [Schmied]
Marie de France • Poésies [Roquefort, Jean-Baptiste-Bonaventure de, ed.]
Martin, Louis-Aimé, Techener, Jacques-Joseph & Nodier, Charles compilers • Les    Joyeusetez Facecies et Folastres Imaginacions
Maya, Late Classic Period • Tripod Plate Showing Seated Lord
Méon, Dominique-Martin, ed. • Le Roman du Renart
Merian, Maria Sibylla • Der Raupen wunderbare Verwandelung
Milton, John • Paradise Lost [Doré]
Mitford, Mary Russell • Our Village [Thompson]
Morgan, J. Pierpont • Bronzes, Antique Greek, Roman, etc. [comp. Smith, Sir Cecil]
Mori, Yoshitoshi • Untitled

Needlepoint Panels (two)
Nègre, Charles • Theseus and Minotaur
Nesbitt, Lowell • Tulip

Ogilby, John • The Works of Virgil
Oppian • Cynégétique [Trémois]

Panckoucke, Charles-Louis-Fleury, ed. • La science du bonhomme Richard par    Benjamin Franklin
Pepys, Samuel • Memoirs
Petitot, Jean • Enamels
Pezay, Alexandre-Frédéric-Jacques Masson, marquis de • Lettre d'Ovide à Julie,   précédée d'une lettre en prose à M. Diderot
Pfnor, Rodolphe • Architecture Decoration et Ameublement Epoque Louis XVI
Phillips, Tom • The Divine Comedy
Pope, Alexander • Pope's Own Miscellany
Porter, Eliot • Running Water, Roaring Fork Road, Smoky Mountains

Racine, Jean • Oeuvres de Jean Racine
Raymond, George • Memoirs of Robert William Elliston, Comedian
Renard, Jules • Histoires Naturelles [Erni]
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, after • Lord Charles
Riccardi Press • Shakespeare's Sonnets
Rilke, Maria Rainer • TRANSLATIONS OF RILKE: Poems; Auguste Rodin; Les   Roses; Six Lettres à A.A.M. Stols; Stories of God; Sonnets to Orpheus / Duino   Elegies; Translating Rilke
Robert, Nicolas • A Black-Footed Ferret
Robert, Nicolas, & Bosse, Abraham • Estampes pour server à l’histoire des    plantes [comp. Dodart]
Rogers, Bruce • Chaucer's Parlement of Foules
Rogers, Bruce • An unHoly BRible Story
Roquefort, Jean-Baptiste-Bonaventure de, ed. • Poésies [Marie de France]
Roux de Lincy, le, ed. • Le roman de brut par Wace

Sandford, Francis & Stebbing, Samuel • The Genealogical History
Satie, Érik • Le Piège de Méduse
Schmied, François-Louis • Le Livre de la Vérité de Parole
Scott, David • Satan springing from the ear of Eve at the touch of Ithuriel’s Spear
Shibrain, Ahmed • Abstract Forms with Calligraphic Writing
Slonem, Hunt • Flight
Smith, Sir Cecil • Collection of J. Pierpont Morgan: Bronzes
Smith, John Raphael after Andrea Appiani • Buonaparte first Consul of France
Society of Dilettanti • Ionian Antiquities, published by order of the Society of    Dilettanti
Solis de Ribadeneyra, Antonio de • The History of the Conquest of Mexico by the    Spaniards
Spenser, Edmund • The Faerie queene disposed into twelue bookes
Soyer, Moses • Study Portrait of a Young Woman
Stephanus (ed. Thomas de Pinedo) • De urbibus (Graece: Peri poleon)
Sternfeld, Joel • McLean, Virginia, December 4, 1978
Stirling Castle • Views of Stirling Castle, Ancient and Modern
Stubbs, George, after • The Spanish Pointer
Sudek, Josef • Still Life
Swildens, J[ohan] H[endrik] • Vaderlandsch A-B Boek voor de Nederlandsche   Jeugd

Thew, Robert after Hamilton, William, R.A. • Winter's Tale, Act V, Scene III
Thompson, Hugh • Mitford's Our Village
Tischler, Victor • Farewell
Trémois, Pierre-Yves • Oppian's Cynégétique
Tussaud, Marie • Memories and Reminiscences of France

Ulloa, Don Antonio de • Historische Reisbeschryving van Geheel Zuid-America

Valéry, Paul • Album de Monsieur Teste par Paul Valéry
Valéry, Paul • Collection of 11 Limited Edition Copies 1920 -1945 & Bibliography
Vallayer-Coster, Anne • A Pair of Bouquets
Veinant, Auguste, ed. • Nativite de nostre seigneur Jhesuchrist y per    personnages. with M. Hambrelin serviteur de maistre Aliborum
Vergilius Maro, Publius • Ogilby's Works of Virgil
Virginia General Court • Manuscript document signed, assigning Richard Cary and   Cuthbert Bullitt as District Court Judges

Wace, Master Robert • Le roman de brut
Walton, Izaak • The Compleat Walton
Watkins, Carleton • The Yosemite Valley from the Mariposa Trail
Watson, F.J.B. • The Wrightsman Collection
Welwood, John, ed. • Frederick Douglass. A Selection from His Writings    Compiled by John Welwood
West, Benjamin, after • William Penn's Treaty with the Indians
Westmacott, Charles Molloy [as Bernard Blackmantle] • The English Spy
Wheatley, Henry B. • Remarkable Bindings in the British Museum
Wilde, Oscar • The Sphinx
Williamson, George Charles • Catalogue of the Collection of Jewels and Precious    Works of Art, the Property of J. Pierpont Morgan
Woollett, William • Stubbs's Spanish Pointer
Woolman, John • A Journal of the Life and Travels of John Woolman

Yeager, Joseph • Krimmel's Procession of Victuallers of Philadelphia
Yolla Bolly Press • Under an Aztec Sun (Harriet Doerr), This is MyBlood (James    Laughlin), Boss Dog (M.F.K. Fisher)

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