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We present the Bookshelf, the Paperworks and the Gallimaufry on the roundelay of our Carousel. In each of these you will find a collection of relatively affordable items which tickle our fancy and satisfy our sense of the iconic all the more for being more closely within reach. These items are in no way easier for us to find, select or replace than our more substantial offerings, and indeed we love them all and, sending them off to new homes, will miss them all equally. Enjoy!
In the Paperworks you will find works on paper not featured elsewhere on this website, drawings, prints and photographs which are compelling, rare and iconic in their own right.
In the Gallimaufry you will find a "stew" of our objects of art not featured elsewhere on this website, a medley of porcelain, stone, textile, metal and other objects served up for your discernment and pleasure.

On our Bookshelf you will find a variety of offerings not featured elsewhere on this website, including private press and illustrated books, noteworthy literary and bibliographic items and other interesting books.