Pumpkin Decorations

Halloween is a yearly activity that should not be missed. Every year we use the Jack-o-lantern to highlight this fun time season. It’s a must that you also have other pumpkin decorating ideas in hand.

One way of decorating your fireplace with pumpkins is to use stack each of the pumpkins one of top of the other, at least two levels high. You may use smaller pumpkins on either side of fireplace. You want to search for the best looking flame cut-out stencil. After you finish cutting the top portion of the pumpkin you may scoop out the pulp inside with the use of a spoon. After doing this you can now trace your flame cut-out stencil along the surface of the pumpkin. You can use a specialized pumpkin carving tool to get your desired flame look. You make sure to use batter operated votive candles inside each of the pumpkins for a safer decoration. And then you can now rearrange your pumpkins in the fireplace make it look like it is actually ablaze with fiery pumpkins.

Another simple way of styling your pumpkin is to just create holes in the shape of a crescent moon and add a string of tiny bulbs to make it grow. As an added effect you may want to mount the pumpkin on top of an old-looking low vase.

To make your pumpkin appear unique, you can actually paint it entirely white. You can let out the artist flair in you because with a white palette, you can paint almost any creepy-looking design such as a huge spider, spider webs, swirly patterns or a tiny witch hats. Now remember to use black paint on your designs to make it look spooky.

You can also tuck your small carved pumpkins inside glass cylinders or cannings jars. At the bottom of the cylinders or jars you may place black and orange plastic jelly beans to give it a festive Halloween look. This will be a good adornment for your dining tables.

To even go simpler, you can purchase an ivy planter chandelier, place an artificial pumpkin in the space in between and have candles in the holders lighted. Be sure to attach the artificial pumpkin with the use of a copper wire to hold it in place. Just the simplicity and rustic look of it makes you want to have chandeliers like this in all your dining lounge or dining areas.

You can even make use of jack-be-little pumpkins as candle holders for your tables. You want to cut a rather large portion off the top of your pumpkin. You will not be using the top portion that has been cut because a votive candle will be placed inside the pumpkin to make it look just like simple candle votive.

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