Unravel Me Book Review

I was impressed with this book and decided to write a book review for the rest of the readers

Adam has known her for ten years and has always believed the best in her. He refuses to walk away from that. Determination is a quality that he and Warner share, but I feel that it comes from different places within each of them. It’s also what makes this triangle interesting: both pairings seem plausible at different times and for unique reasons.

“‘You,’ and he whispers it, letter by letter he presses the word into my skin before he hesitates. Then. Softer. His chest, heaving harder this time. ‘You destroy me.’ I am falling to pieces in his arms.

I see the above moment as the key to, and fundamental problem with, Juliette and Warner’s relationship. For someone who is always in control, Warner is able to lose himself with her fully. They find a sense of escapism in each other and how their powers fit together. But how far will this destructive path lead? When will he be destroyed in the way that he desires – and will Juliette break first? I think that Warner brings out the worst in her, and acts to change the innate goodness at her core. Jenn brought up another valid and interesting point of discussion post-Unravel Me: while Warner seems to change for and/or because of Juliette, he is fundamentally the same person, seemingly not wanting to alter who he is for the rest of the world. While the notion of one person being one’s entire world is romantic and intense, it’s not feasible on a larger scale, especially in a world like this one. How he behaves in the story’s conclusion, with Juliette and beyond, will ultimately shape the ending his character has.

“The message from the sky is clear: we are pissed…How could you do this to me? it whispers in the wind. I gave you everything, it says to us. Nothing will ever be the same again.

This book was heavy on the angst, intense on the (almost) sexytimes and, unfortunately, light on the substance, story wise. I love love stories, and I appreciate the triangle that Tahereh has crafted, which is surprising, since usually they frustrate me to no end. But the characters are what make this series for me rather than the story. To a point I’m okay with that, and there are definitely messages conveyed through the people, but when we’re two novels and a novella in, I wish I could see a greater message from the plot side of things. Especially when the setting is a traumatised version of our world which could very well one day come to be, I think so much more could be happening story wise.

I’m excited to see how she wraps things up in Book 3, and hopefully now that the characters have moved onto the battlefield, the plot will go to the places I’m hoping it will. No matter what, though, I’ll be reading the final book for some more time with Warner and to know once and for all who her heart truly belongs to (the answer is Adam, duh).